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Friday Mixtape

Friday Mixtape: Hip-Hop Ego Trip

by Mosi Reeves

Friday Mixtape: Hip-Hop Ego Trip

About this playlist

When 2Pac rapped, "Every n*gg* in L.A. got a little bit of thug in him," he could have been talking about the hip-hop nation. Whether it's "conscious" fans who love Nas and Slum Village; indie kids who get off to Tyler, the Creator and Three 6 Mafia; or old-school heads who still bump Black Moon and Mobb Deep, every corner of hip-hop fandom harbors the thuggish, ruggish and just plain ignorant. I'm no different. One of my favorite things to do is drive around in my car and blast gangsta rap at high volume. Sometimes it's the beats that kill, but just as often it's the lyrics. I've never slanged keys or participated in a drive-by -- or shot anyone at all, for that matter -- but I can't deny that I get a rush from banging Wiz Khalifa's "Who I Am" (as in "When you see me in the club/ B*tch you know who I am) or YC's "Racks," featuring lyrics like "Strapped up/ No bodyguards." I'm not really, uh, strapped up, but I don't have a bodyguard, either. Shawty wanna ride with me?