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Friday Fan Mix

Friday Fan Mix: Killer Workout Songs

by Stephanie Benson

Friday Fan Mix: Killer Workout Songs

About this playlist

Welcome to Napster's Friday Fan Mix, a series in which we compile song suggestions from our fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter and beyond. Last week, we gathered songs from some of the Best Movie Soundtracks, but this week we encourage you to step away from the popcorn, get off your butt, and move with the help of this playlist of Killer Workout Songs. It's an, um, interesting mix that shamelessly traverses genres and decades. If Jet's "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" doesn't quite galvanize you into action, maybe DMX's "Who We Be" will? Or maybe you need some extreme headbanging material from Pantera and Static-X to light a fire under that tooshie? Or maybe all you need is a little loving from Coldplay? The one thing we can all seem to agree on is the inclusion of "Eye of the Tiger" on any workout mix. Give it a spin and go get 'em, tiger!

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