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Friday Fan Mix

Friday Fan Mix: Just Got Paid!

by Stephanie Benson

Friday Fan Mix: Just Got Paid!

About this playlist

Welcome to Napster's Friday Fan Mix, a series in which we compile song suggestions from our fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter and beyond. Last week, we gathered some songs that made you fall in love with music, but this week all we're concerned about is the bottom line. As the wise and powerful Puff Daddy once taught us, "It's All About the Benjamins," after all. So once you've got that stash of hard-earned cash, we recommend blasting this playlist as you roll around in all those green bills. (Just don’t lose any!) No matter how you celebrate, this moneyed mix features some great cuts for payday, such as "Just Got Paid.” And we do, of course, mean all three songs carrying that title, courtesy of Johnny Kemp, ZZ Top and ‘NSYNC. Same goes for the versions of "Money" recorded by Pink Floyd and I Fight Dragons. And just to keep you somewhat humble, The Notorious B.I.G. is here to remind us all that with "Mo Money" come "Mo Problems." Indeed.

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