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Friday Fan Mix

Friday Fan Mix: Guilty Pleasures

by Stephanie Benson

Friday Fan Mix: Guilty Pleasures

About this playlist

Welcome to Napster's Friday Fan Mix, a new series in which we compile song suggestions from our fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter and beyond. Last week, we gathered the best Songs to Start Your Day, but this week we were curious about what music makes your heart burn with desire as much as it makes your face burn with embarrassment. So we asked our fans to give us a list of some of their guiltiest pleasures. Shocker here: Good-girl-gone-bad Miley Cyrus tops the list. Congrats, Ms. Miley, we do "Adore You," after all. Other cheese-laden entries include classics from ABBA, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rush, Styx, the Bee Gees and Heart, but even a few tracks from the world-conquering power-duo Jay Z and Beyoncé can make some of you blush. Yet when it comes to the guiltiest pleasure of all, we just can't "stop believin'" in the power of Journey. Press play. You know you want to.

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