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Friday Fan Mix

Friday Fan Mix: Breakup Songs

by Stephanie Benson

Friday Fan Mix: Breakup Songs

About this playlist

Welcome to Napster's Friday Fan Mix, a new series in which we compile song suggestions from our fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter and beyond. Last week, we gathered some of your guiltiest pleasures, but this week we thought we'd dim the mood some and really get deep with you all. So we asked our fans what music is absolutely essential to have on hand -- ready to play at full blast, on repeat -- when a breakup occurs and your life as a couple turns into a solo project. As Neil Sedaka sang, "Breaking up is hard to do," so who better to turn to when your relationship's gone sour than your favorite artist belting out a killer song about how much love can really suck ("Un-Break My Heart," "Song for the Dumped") and how much better off you are without that loser anyway ("I Will Survive," "I'm Too Sexy"). While we hope you don't need this mix anytime soon, we do hope it'll provide some comfort for anyone trying to mend a broken heart.

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