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Five Degrees of Arcade Fire's "Reflektor"

by Stephanie Benson

Five Degrees of Arcade Fire's "Reflektor"

About this playlist

It shouldn't be too terribly shocking that Daft Punk's time-traveling tribute to the days of glitter-ball glory on this year's Random Access Memories seems to have kick-started a trend. Arguably the single of the year, "Get Lucky" now segues quite neatly into the much-hyped new single from Grammy-winning indie heroes Arcade Fire. The first glimpse of their upcoming fourth album, the sprawling "Reflektor" presents ominous existentialism crisply wrapped in disco beats and bongo hits (as our Editorial Chief Garrett Kamps observed: "Anyone else waiting for the 'Apache' beat to start somewhere?") and even a bit of French from Regine Chassagne (a nice way of bringing it all back to Daft Punk). And though it's not the first time the band has worked its way to the dancefloor (see the ABBA-esque "Sprawl II [Mountains Beyond Mountains]"), the dark disco grooves may have a little something to do with producer James Murphy, another prescient dance-music experimenter himself. And then there's Arcade Fire fan David Bowie, who makes a small appearance, because why not?

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