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European Vacation Essentials

by Rachel Devitt

European Vacation Essentials


About this playlist

Can't quite cough up the funds to fight the heaving crowds, overdose of culture and old-world cobblestones of a summer trip to Europe? We got you covered, would-be jet-setters. Take yourself on an aural Euro tour and party like a French artist or a Swedish hipster or an Italo-disco diva or, you know, a backpacker, with our European Vacation playlist. It features popular and traditional songs from all the hot destinations on a classic tour of Europe, from Berlin to Barcelona, Celtic folk to French chanson. We kick off the tour in the British Isles, swing up through Scandinavia, head down to central Europe and the Balkans, wind our way through the Mediterranean, then head back up the coasts of Portugal, Spain and France before ending the trip in Belgium and the Netherlands. Whew! It's the trip of a lifetime -- for free!