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Emo & Pop-Punk: The Hits!

Emo & Pop-Punk: The Hits!

About this playlist

Back in the Stone Age (the 1980s, that is), late-night television was filled with low-budget commercials hawking low-budget compilations of classic rock and pop. Easily the most famous such compilation was Freedom Rock, whose ad featured two dudes dressed as stoned hippies sitting outside a groovy van and waxing philosophic ("Well, turn it up, man!") about all the awesome music of their youth, like Steppenwolf and Jefferson Airplane.

With that in mind, this playlist is my stab at creating a similar compilation for the Green Day/Fall Out Boy/Paramore pop punk generation. As with the legendary Freedom Rock, it contains all the hits and nothing but the hits -- from "Long View" and "This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race" to "My Friends Over You" and "The Middle." There are even a few deep cuts, including Jawbreaker's "Fireman" and Rancid's "Time Bomb." I can't be sure what the commercial will look like, but I'm thinking two dudes dressed like Pete Wentz hanging outside a Hot Topic. What do you think?

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