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Artist Spotlight

Elvis (Costello) Is Everywhere

by Jim Allen

Elvis (Costello) Is Everywhere

About this playlist

Back in 1987, eccentric roots-rocker Mojo Nixon made a splash with his novelty song "Elvis Is Everywhere," a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the omnipresence of Elvis Presley's spirit. But if ol' Mojo had looked a little bit beyond his fascination with The King, his song might have heralded a parallel trend that was just beginning to develop -- the unnatural ubiquity of Elvis Costello.

Even in the '80s, the eclectic and gregarious Costello had insinuated himself into some far-flung sonic situations, turning up on tracks by everybody from Squeeze and John Hiatt to Eurythmics and Paul McCartney. As the decades have flown by and Elvis has closed in on New Wave Elder Statesman status, his broad array of guest appearances has only expanded. Eventually, he has found himself on albums by alt country icons, Irish folk legends, emo heroes, jazz giants and more. These days it's practically gotten to the point where it's remarkable for artists not to have included an Elvis Costello guest vocal on at least one album. When Costello kicked off his career in the late '70s, if he could have foreseen the degree to which he'd eventually be embraced by all corners of the music world, he might not have come off quite so angry! In any case, here's your catch-up course on some of Elvis Costello's most memorable bouts of musical moonlighting.

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