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Electronic Roundup, November 2012

by Philip Sherburne

Electronic Roundup, November 2012


To listen to the hype squad behind electronic dance music's current crossover resurgence, you'd think the music was invented yesterday -- and that it comprised little more than trance stabs, pop choruses and a never-ending succession of whooshes and wubs.

But this month's roundup of key new releases offers exciting proof of the real diversity in the electronic-music ecosystem. It touches on classic house, slow-motion techno, machine improv, early computer composition and that amorphous quantity called "bass music," along with many other styles. The list also recognizes the multiple histories that have come together to create today's dynamic collection of scenes and sounds, highlighting new and classic music from the pivotal Chicago house producer Cajmere, the pioneering composer Laurie Spiegel, the Berlin post-punk veteran Gudrun Gut, and drum 'n' bass icon Photek. You'll also hear music by Caribou in his new dancefloor guise, Daphni; the Dutch/Israeli iconoclasts Juju & Jordash; Yeasayer drummer Sinkane; and more. Read on to discover a whole new universe of electronic music.

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