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Electronic Roundup, January 2012

by Philip Sherburne

Electronic Roundup, January 2012


Not to toot Napster's own horn too loudly, but we've officially cracked the 14-million-track mark, which is kind of a lot of music. More importantly, it's a lot of good music, including some pretty obscure stuff. I'm constantly amazed by some of the things I find in our catalog: tiny, underground labels specializing in weirdo synth noise or basement-grade techno, or dance-music mutations so new and amorphous that they don't even have names yet.

Since that's precisely the kind of music that floats my boat, this month's Electronic Roundup is heavy on fringe fare, like the cosmic fantasias of the artist known as No UFO's (initially released as a limited-edition cassette), or the flickering bass-and-beats miniatures by Bristol's El Kid. You'll also find an essential anthology of the Detroit Afrofuturist duo Drexciya (compiled by a Rotterdam label -- globalization ain't all bad), previously unreleased jungle experiments by Luke Vibert, and the return of the multifaceted Matthew Dear. And, just for good measure, a new EP from Skrillex, about whom the only thing fringe may be his notorious haircut.