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The Eagles' '70s-era catalog is so well known that in a weird sense it doesn't contain any true deep cuts (much less hidden gems). Think about it: One of the decade's most famous tunes is "Desperado," which -- believe it or not -- wasn't even released as a single! Nevertheless, for this playlist I've compiled the 20 album-only cuts that in my humble opinion can go toe-to-toe with any one of the group's officially released singles (excluding, of course, "Hotel California" -- their pièce de résistance).

One of my all-time favorite Eagles recordings is their seriously lonesome-sounding version of J.D. Souther's "Doolin-Dalton," from 1973's Desperado (their most underrated full-length); the way Don Henley and Glenn Frey take turns on lead vocals is really pretty awesome. Another standout is "Out of Control," which is one of Frey's all-time best bar rockers -- not at all subtle, just propulsive riffage and rambunctious slide guitar perfect for chugging all night long. Then there's stuff like "Journey of the Sorcerer" (Bernie Leadon's bluegrass banjo meets symphonic rock) and "The Disco Strangler" (dancefloor funk from 1980 chronicling America's descent into mirror-ball decadence), which just might be the two quirkiest songs the Eagles ever recorded. And be sure to check out the band's wispy rendition of "Train Leaves Here This Morning," a song Leadon initially recorded in the late '60s as a member of country rock pioneers Dillard & Clark.

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