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Do You Know Anything About Techno?

by Philip Sherburne

Do You Know Anything About Techno?

About this playlist

If you've got your ear to the Internet grapevine, you'll probably recognize that question from a video clip that's been making the rounds recently. Taken from the 1996 film Vibrations (starring Christina Applegate!), it features a musician jamming out in his bedroom on a rack of synths and drum machines, shouting over really bad slap-bass electro-funk: "See, we're primal, heading for cosmic! Just when you think we're in galactic ecstasy, we go acid! It's hardcore neutronic mutilation. And now we get serious: See, we're going on a psychotically calibrated, electronically executed, digitally compressed, pus-excreting journey to sonic grooviness!"

It's the most hilariously misinformed riff on club-culture lingo that you'll find this side of a PTA anti-rave pamphlet. But it's fitting that this 17-year-old clip has resurfaced now, because it just so happens that techno -- real, proper techno -- is firing on all cylinders, albeit far out of sight of EDM's glow-stick revolution.

We've pulled together nearly two and a half hours of the stuff -- muscular, stripped-down, charcoal-hued and 99% melody-free -- in a playlist featuring recent tracks from Diamond Version, Silent Servant, Clouds, Skudge and more. It's pretty much the polar opposite of that Vibrations scene. Have fun.