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Disney Music That Really Rocks

by Rachel Devitt

Disney Music That Really Rocks

About this playlist

If you're over age 13 or so, you're forgiven if that title induces a bit of eye-rolling. It's not that Disney's musical dealings are total crap or anything. It's just that a lot of the kid-oriented network's stars make (or at least start out making) music that's awfully, well, kiddy. Never fear, grown-ups. Not only is the music of the Magic Kingdom not all bubblegum beats and cartoon lyrics, it even encompasses some rather adult rock and pop you shouldn't feel the least bit guilty listening to!

Sometimes it's a matter of a former Mouseketeer growing up (see: Britney, Christina, etc.). But sometimes, Disney really finds those diamonds in the rough (OK, or at least actual stars in diamond tiaras) kids who may be young but seriously know how to rock. Such is the case with Ms. Selena Gomez, a dance-pop diva if we ever heard one (and a successful one at that: her club-ready second album just dropped, and single "Naturally" from her debut is still charting) at the ripe old age of 18. So check your curmudgeonly attitude at the door and start enjoying these rather age-inappropriate hits from Selena and her ilk with this playlist!

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