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Discover Disclosure's U.K. Garage Roots

by Philip Sherburne

Discover Disclosure's U.K. Garage Roots

About this playlist

For fans of sparkling, melodic dance music, Disclosure's debut album, Settle, is shaping up to be the soundtrack of the summer. The group's two brothers, Howard and Guy Lawrence, are just 19 and 22 years old, respectively, but their effortless fusion of pop melodies and bumping club vibes looks back to Britain's radio-friendly dance music of the late '90s, when underground club styles briefly, brilliantly commingled with chart-topping R&B. Disclosure have sampled their fair share of R&B -- elements of songs by Destiny's Child, Jodeci, Michael Jackson and even Robin Thicke have been worked into their productions -- but their core influence remains U.K. garage, along with the skippy, swinging house music pioneered by producers like New Jersey's Todd Edwards.

We've put together a 90-minute playlist of tunes that have informed Disclosure's 2-stepping style, including tracks from Artful Dodger, MJ Cole, Stanton Warriors and Dem 2, and garage remixes of All Saints, Basement Jaxx, Lily Allen and Usher. Believe it or not, there's even a 1996 remix of the British singer Gabrielle by a young Daft Punk that slots them squarely in the garage tradition. For more in a similar vein, check out Todd Edwards' Tales from the Underground and the mixed compilation Blackmarket Presents 2-Step Volume 2.

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