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Dido's Picks

by Linda Ryan

Dido's Picks

About this playlist

Did you know Dido's birth name is Florian Cloud de Bounevialle Armstrong? Or that she was born on Christmas Day? Maybe you knew these facts already, but you probably can't guess what music Dido's been playing at her house. The award-winning singer, who recently released a Greatest Hits album, created an exclusive playlist for Napster that highlights some of her current favorite songs. She included gems by Bruce Springsteen, Robin Thicke, the oh-so-soulful Maverick Sabre and her pal Eminem. To beef up the list, we've also added some of Dido's own biggest hits, like "White Flag," "Hunter" and "Life for Rent." We think it's a pretty dang good mix. Enjoy!

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