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Label Spotlight

DFA After LCD Soundsystem

by Philip Sherburne

DFA After LCD Soundsystem

About this playlist

LCD Soundsystem broke up in early 2011, and a little more than a year later, a New York Times profile of James Murphy suggested that the dance-punk icon was, if not at a loss, taking some time to figure out his next steps. There was an artisanal coffee business on the horizon, as well as a line of bespoke luggage. He's since filled up his schedule with gigs that sound more in keeping with the Murphy we know: writing music for Broadway, building a sound system inspired by '70s clubs like the Paradise Garage, and producing for Pulp and Arcade Fire. Meanwhile, Murphy's DFA label keeps going strong, as confirmed by its recent 12th-anniversary festivities in New York.

DFA may have lost its anchor tenant, but that doesn't mean it's been cut adrift. Quite the contrary: DFA's past two years confirm its status as one of America's most adventurous independent labels. The DFA sound goes way beyond its best-known artists, like Holy Ghost! and The Rapture; in recent years, the label's catalog has touched on home-soldered acid house (The Crystal Ark), big-room club anthems (The Juan MacLean), Afropop (Sinkane), Berlin-inspired electronic pop (Benoit & Sergio) and all manner of strange singer-songwriters (Dan Bodan, Surahn, Sandro Perri). A diverse roster of remixers -- from techno-industrialist Perc, Cabaret Voltaire's Richard H. Kirk, John Talabot collaborator Pional, Berghain reps Barker & Baumecker and outer-limits beatmaker Laurel Halo, among others -- has resulted in even wilder cross-pollinations. Explore DFA's incredibly fertile post-LCD years with our three-hour playlist featuring the aforementioned artists plus Planningtorock, Joe Goddard, Factory Floor, The 2 Bears and more.

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