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Devil's Right Hand: Disarming Songs

by Jim Allen

Devil's Right Hand: Disarming Songs

About this playlist

Sadly, almost every day it seems to become more obvious that America's got a problem with firearms. Accordingly, the fight for tighter gun control gets more intense all the time. But politicians and activists aren't the only ones out there offering people compelling reasons for laying down their arms once and for all; through the years there have always been musicians artfully framing the issue. Sometimes they make overt anti-gun statements, as in XTC's "Melt the Guns" or Gang Starr's "Tonz O' Gunz." Sometimes they simply paint poignant pictures of the tragedy guns can bring about, like Steve Earle's "Devil's Right Hand" or Bruce Springsteen's "Johnny 99." If you ever find yourself in need of an eloquent argument for gun control, here's a whole heap of 'em, from some of the most outspoken artists in rock, hip-hop, country and beyond.

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