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Deep End Beats

Deep-End Beats, March 2014

by Philip Sherburne

Deep-End Beats, March 2014

About this playlist

The big discovery in this month's roundup of music from the deeper end of the dancefloor is the sublime "Perfect Like You," by a new Los Angeles duo named Ricoshëi. That it's been released on DJ Koze's Pampa Records might surprise you; the song's moon-eyed yearning sounds more like M83 remixing Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" than it does the sly, left-of-center house music that Koze is best known for. But Koze, for all his quirky self-presentation, is a big ol' softy at heart — just see, for instance, his heart-melting remixes for Zwanie Jonson and Matthew Herbert, both just a hair less tearjerking than Ricoshëi's melancholy masterpiece.

Speaking of Herbert, he ventures into similarly misty-eyed territory with his remix of Snow Ghosts' "Secret Garden"; it's the most emotionally direct thing he's done in ages. Not everything on our list is quite so emo, of course. We've also highlighted somber techno from Donato Dozzy (remixing Lucy) and Marcel Dettmann (remixing Moderat); adventurous electronica from Archie Pelago; bumptious house music from Todd Osborn and Laurent Garnier; and a slew of songs that don't slot neatly into any category, from HTRK, Cashmere Cat, Com Truise and more. Listen here, and maybe keep a hankie at the ready, just in case.

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