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Deep End Beats

Deep-End Beats, July 2013

by Philip Sherburne

Deep-End Beats, July 2013


Deep-End Beats highlights the most exciting new releases in electronic dance music (and, sometimes, electronic non-dancing music) that fall outside the conventions of commercial EDM. Rock has long had its "alternative" and "indie" designations; why can't dance music? This month's installment shows just how wide-open the field is. On melancholic tunes from The Howling (Ry Cuming and Frank Wiedemann), Moderat and Stimming, it gets a little bit emo; on Lone's mind-melting "Airglow Fires," James Holden's "Circle of Fifths" and Mark Pritchard's skittering "Ghosts," it plunges head-on into psychedelic futurism. Washington, D.C.'s Future Swimmers represent the next phase in classic house music, while Hyperdub's Jessy Lanza (assisted by Junior Boys' Jeremy Greenspan) turns R&B inside out. There's textured electronica from Ghostly's Shigeto and Gold Panda, techno-oriented post-rock from Kriget, and even a Steve Reich tribute by CFCF. And Norway's Todd Terje checks in with the Italo-disco anthem you'll be rocking to from now until Labor Day, and beyond.

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