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Liner Notes

Dave Fridmann, Uber-Producer

by Dan Weiss

Dave Fridmann, Uber-Producer


About this playlist

Over the past decade, no single musician has done more to make rock, particularly indie-rock, larger in the ears than producer Dave Fridmann, who developed his studio imagination early on with the trippy Mercury Rev and buddies The Flaming Lips. Now a hit-maker behind MGMT and unlikely emo allies Thursday, he's particularly fluent with My Bloody Valentine-style whirlwind effects, and gave several great recent albums the effect of feeling like they're vacuuming up the speaker: Tame Impala's Lonerism sounded anything but tame, as every struck note appeared to ring out and fuzz over. Sleater-Kinney's long-yowling Corin Tucker finally met a fitting background on The Woods, where her screams swallow the earth. Fridmann's soaring productions have helped make indie anything but lo-fi.

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