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Dancefloor Pickup Lines

by Rachel Devitt

Dancefloor Pickup Lines

About this playlist

You know how it goes: You're on the floor, doing your thing, feeling the music, shaking off the stress of the week. And here comes some dude creeping up with ... a kind of awesome pickup line. So awesome, in fact, that it could be the lyrics to a song. Wait -- that's because it is! And wow, did Pitbull, Justin Timberlake, Enrique and everyone on this playlist really make that line work, whether they were asking us to "Give Me Everything," "Rock Your Body" or just straight-up telling us "I Like It." And lest you go thinking the ladies don't got game, may we remind you that it was Brit-Brit who asked you to "Hold It Against Me," Oh yeah. We got a million of 'em -- or at least a playlist full of 'em. Hey baby, you must be tired cuz you been dancing around our minds all night.

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