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Creepy Love Songs

by Dan Weiss

Creepy Love Songs

About this playlist

Grossness -- unwelcome advances, awkward sentiments, stalkers and tasteless come-ons -- is almost as widespread on Valentine's Day as chocolates and roses. And not only are pop singers not immune to the fallibility of human romantic interaction, they're often to blame. Britney Spears hopes her beau's other chick smells her perfume all over him on the wacky and tense "Perfume." Ke$ha's stalker-ish "Stephen" and Avril Lavigne's pushy "Girlfriend" have no respect for the relationship their object of affection is in, while Taylor Swift's devilish streak began early on with "Picture to Burn," in which she tries to sabotage her ex.

But boys can often be even creepier, from Mick Jagger celebrating his girl back on his leash in "Under My Thumb" to Jet demanding "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?" R.E.M.'s "The One I Love" goes out to "a simple prop to occupy my time," while the relatively respectful Next somehow got a worldwide smash hit out of their invasive erections on "Too Close." The oft-discussed "Every Breath You Take" certainly concerns a controlling jerk, and Sarah McLachlan's "Possession" steals lines straight from her real-life stalker's threats. Chris Brown and Rihanna's duet claims what they do is "Nobody's Business," and Eminem recounts hitting Kim Mathers on "Crazy in Love." And while we know Radiohead's "Creep" is plenty creepy, how about "True Love Waits": "I'll drown my beliefs/ To have you be in peace/ I'll dress like your niece/ And wash your swollen feet/ Just don't leave." Yikes.

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