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Country Songs for Mama

by Cyndi Hoelzle

Country Songs for Mama

About this playlist

Country music has changed a lot over the years, but one thing hasn’t: We love to sing about our mothers. From Jimmie Rodgers’ 1932 recording of “Mother, the Queen of My Heart” to Faith Hill’s “You Can’t Lose Me” there runs a clear sentiment that we wouldn’t be anything without dear ol’ Mom. Taylor Swift has taken it a step further, featuring her mom in videos, interviews and backstage meet-and-greets.

David Allan Coe famously sends up the tradition in “You Never Even Called Me by My Name,” claiming you can’t have a good country song without mentioning prison, trucks and Mama. It's hilarious, and often pointed to as the perfect country song. I would argue that Randy Travis“Three Wooden Crosses” is even better, though, with its vehicular homicide, hookers, blood-stained bible and, yes, references to you-know-who.

So in that spirit, here’s one for Mother’s Day. Be sure to call yours.

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