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Friday Mixtape

Country-Blues BBQ

by Nate Cavalieri

Country-Blues BBQ

About this playlist

It's right there in the shuffle and twang of Big Bill Broonzy's "Summertime Blues" -- the lethargic, lazy rhythm of the unrelentingly hot end of the season. His take might not be as familiar (or as sensical) as Eddie Cochran's song of the same name, but he opens with an appropriately dead-simple sentiment: "In the good ole summertime/ How good it make me feel." We chose him to kick off this set of Southern country and folk blues designed to accompany those late-summer barbeque staples: cold beer and pork.

Although a few familiar chestnuts lead the pack -- Bessie Smith's growling version of "Gimme a Pigfoot (And a Bottle of Beer)," Memphis Slim's rough-edged "Beer Drinking Woman" -- this set runs on a fairly loose theme. (The tune that inspired the whole thing was a new-to-me 1940 Blind Boy Fuller track called "I Crave Pig Meat," which only seems to be tangentially related to the protein in question.) Here you'll find odds and ends from various country-blues compilations, all designed to keep the party going. Enjoy the heat while you can.