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Cheat Sheet: Coachella Reunions

by Stephanie Benson

Cheat Sheet: Coachella Reunions


Southern California's mid-April mega-musical bacchanal has transformed from a modest weekend festival to an Olympic-sized two-weekend juggernaut. Increasingly bursting at the seams with fresh sweat, blood, beer and beats, the desert-set Coachella festival has become the ultimate musical celebration, the official opener to the summer music festival season. Each year, the lineup boasts the hippest, hottest artists in rock, hip-hop, electronic, world and indie music, yet it's the old dogs that always make the headlines. Coachella may kick-start the career of the next big thing, but it's more significantly become the place to reunite the last big thing, too. It's a clever way to push nostalgic pleasure buttons and compel old folk to crash the party.

Coachella has helped get some of rock's greatest groups to re-form (even if the members simply do it for monetary reasons; we tend not to care). Here are 15 bands who made (and remade) history at Coachella, from indie-rock gods Pixies and Pavement to heavy-hitting nonconformists Refused, Rage Against the Machine and At the Drive-In to post-punk royalty The Jesus & Mary Chain, Public Image Ltd. and Siouxsie and the Banshees.