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Classic Rock Vault

Classic Rock Vault, Vol. 1

Classic Rock Vault, Vol. 1

About this playlist

What exactly is Napster's Classic Rock Vault, you ask? Well, with each new installment, you're treated to a playlist whose mix of crate-digger gems, album-only cuts and forgotten classics offers a deeper listening experience than what most modern forms of classic-rock radio can offer. If you're a fan of Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones and Rush, but you want to hear something other than just "Wish You Were Here," "Brown Sugar" and "Tom Sawyer," this is for you. Unlike radio and its 24/7 onslaught, the Classic Rock Vault is the result of measured curation; after all, each playlist contains just 20 meticulously selected tracks. In this sense, it's more like an old-school jukebox, one that's frequently refreshed with new finds and discoveries.

Our debut playlist kickoffs in proper fashion with the (the original) Fleetwood Mac's demonically snarling "The Green Manalishi (With the Two Prong Crown)," one of the early foundation blocks of '70s hard rock and heavy metal (Judas Priest, of course, recorded a version of the song for their 1979 album Hell Bent for Leather.) You also get to hear vitally formative recordings from Pink Floyd ("Wot's... Uh the Deal?"), Thin Lizzy (the Van Morrison-inspired "Honesty Is No Excuse"), Little Feat ("Strawberry Flats") and Cheap Trick ("Downed"). And be sure to check out J.J. Cale's "Magnolia," a sublime love ballad that's as beautifully lazy as a summer night in New Orleans.

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