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Clap Jamz

by Alyssa Hendricks

Clap Jamz

About this playlist

Ah, the hand-clap. We use it to show approval, to cheer on our favorite sports team, and (thanks to reality television) to punctuate a very passionate argument. Personally, though, I also see the hand-clap as an invitation to get down and get funky. Some nights, against the wishes of my cat, I'll run around the room à la Feist in her "1234" video, clapping along. (Is she serious with that sparkly jumpsuit? Where can I get one of those?!)

For years now, songs with hand-claps have been delighting listeners worldwide with their spirited, upbeat vibe. The sweet, sweet sounds of Hall & Oates' "Private Eyes" just wouldn't be complete without those catchy claps and the synchronized dance moves they inspire. Who can forget that maniacal scene in Reservoir Dogs with the quirky Stealers Wheel hit "Stuck in the Middle with You"? My point is, you pretty much cannot go wrong with a song that contains a few claps here and there.

And so, I present to you my homage to hand-clapping, feet-tapping good music. Perhaps I'll inspire some of you to dance along with me.