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Christian Music's Star Retirees

by Wendy Lee Nentwig

Christian Music's Star Retirees

About this playlist

After 20 years as a musician, one of our favorite singer-songwriters, Bebo Norman, has announced he’s retiring at the end of 2013. After we dried our tears, we started thinking about other acts that have called it quits, are on a hiatus of indeterminate length or, in the case of Rich Mullins, have passed away. Sure, it’s some consolation to know that some of these artists are continuing on in other incarnations. For instance, Earthsuit’s Paul Meany is now in MuteMath, and The NormalsAndrew Osenga continues to do solo work and produce. And a little bird told us Sarah Masen may be working on some new tunes after remaining silent (professionally, anyway) for nearly six years. But most of these acts are long gone, so to ease the pain, we’ve created this commemorative playlist.