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Choice Posse Cuts

by Mike Gaworecki

Choice Posse Cuts

About this playlist

Ah, the timeless art of the posse cut. Take four or more rappers, put them on a track together, and things can easily fall apart -- that's a lot of egos sharing one mic, after all. But when it works, the results can be mind-blowing.

"Scenario" by A Tribe Called Quest may be the quintessence of the posse cut (some might say this is more of a collabo since all the emcees on the cut weren't technically part of the same crew). Tribe emcees Q-Tip and Phife Dawg, along with members of the Leaders of the New School, put on a rap clinic, showing the world how it's done. The immortal line "Rawr rawr like a dungeon dragon" was spit by a young upstart named Busta Rhymes.

But if the posse cut was originally conceived in the '80s as a way for more established emcees to share a piece of the spotlight with their lesser-known cohorts, it is now most definitely an art unto itself. It's now a chance for a hot emcee to get some all-star buddies together and absolutely murder the game.

Some say the formula is 2-3-1: The second-best verse goes first in a posse cut, the middling verses go in the middle, and the best verse goes last. A$AP Rocky's Long.Live.A$AP has a monster of a cut called "1Train" that certainly follows this pattern. Just trust me on this and fast forward to the end so you can listen to Big K.R.I.T.'s verse first, then rewind and listen to the whole track, start to finish (someone's gotta get stuck in the middle, and in this case it's Yelawolf and Joey Bada$$ who come kinda weak).

Whether you got your own crew together and are looking to party or you're rocking solo, there's plenty to dig into with this playlist of choice posse cuts from recent memory (plus some classic cuts, just for perspective).

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