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Cherub: Home Movies (Interview)

by Napster TV

Cherub: Home Movies (Interview) Cherub: Home Movies (Interview)

About this video

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This is No. 25 in our Top 30 Video Countdown, in which we highlight Napster's best exclusive videos of all time.

Home Movies is a Napster TV scheme where we give a band a camera, let 'em shoot whatever they want for an hour, then sift through the resulting footage. For this installment, electro-pop/funk-soul brothers Cherub keep the "bubble count high" with lots of champagne and hot tub action. As you'd guess from their infectious tunes, the duo doesn't take things too seriously -- they prefer to be "very random and super weird." Their general message: "Live it up. Feel the heat, touch it. Taste it. And let it burn you alive." Join the party right here.