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Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet: Singular Sirens

by Stephanie Benson

Cheat Sheet: Singular Sirens


We could lay out a bunch of "women are awesome" quotes right about now, but the ladies we spotlight on this Cheat Sheet would likely cringe at such clichés; they'd cringe and then probably be inspired to create some sort of inexplicable masterpiece. Really, these sirens need no introduction. We've put them into rough categories, only to make the navigation a little easier, but all of them could easily slink under any of these groupings: the Femmes Fatales, the Edgy Eccentrics, the Brooding Romantics, the Quirky Thinkers, the Wistful Dreamers. All of these women have shaken up the music world (and plenty of men as well) -- and thank heavens for that.