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Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet: Actors Acting Country

by Linda Ryan

Cheat Sheet: Actors Acting Country


In the past few years, reams have been written about all the pop stars "going country." Such artists as Jewel, Michelle Branch, Uncle Kracker, Josh Kelley, Kid Rock, Darius Rucker, Jessica Simpson and, most recently, Lionel Richie and Staind's Aaron Lewis have all plied their trade in the country arena, with varying degrees of success.

Decades earlier, Elvis "The King of Rock & Roll" Presley and Ray "The Genius of Soul" Charles both turned in country albums. Crooner Bing Crosby did, too. So it's not a new phenomenon, but it's interesting nonetheless. So let's put a new spin on it. How many actors can you think of who've "gone country"? Gwyneth Paltrow's "Country Strong" did very well last year, but we all know that just because you can act doesn't mean you can sing. That holds true for any genre, not just country. You hear me, thespians of the world?

So let's dive into country releases from famous actors. Some are quite good. Others not so much. A rare few are deliciously reprehensible. And they all have to be heard to be believed!