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Celebrity Playlist: Travis Morrison

by Dan Weiss

Celebrity Playlist: Travis Morrison

About this playlist

The Dismemberment Plan's Travis Morrison is a truly encyclopedic and unpredictable musical omnivore, a post-punk bandleader who now sings in church choir and has covered everyone from The Cure to LL Cool J in his own oeuvre. As his band gears up to release a new album in October -- its first in 12 years -- he looks back at some of his dad's favorite music for a guest playlist for Napster.

Says Morrison: "My dad graduated from high school in Florida in 1959. He was also a really big rock 'n' roll fan. He liked some straight blues enough, but he had a special love for a certain kind of music that wasn't exactly blues but wasn't really known as rock 'n' roll; I suppose the word is R&B in the Ray Charles sense. Some of it was made by artists that are solidly thought of as blues musicians (John Lee Hooker) and some were rock 'n' rollers (Chuck Berry) and some were just weird (the epic Jimmy Reed), but it was the first music I heard around the house and a lasting influence on me. These are a few of his favorite Sunday afternoon listens."