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Celebrity Playlist: The Wind and the Wave

by Linda Ryan

Celebrity Playlist: The Wind and the Wave

About this playlist

Napster's One to Watch artist for August is Austin-based boy/girl duo The Wind and the Wave. Dwight is the Wind, Patty is the Wave, and together they create beautiful, sometimes wistful alt folk with an earthy, say-yes-to-handclaps sound. Patty says, "Dwight starts ideas and pushes me to finish them, and always to the best of my ability. So he definitely serves as a source of inspiration and motivates me, much like the wind motivates the wave."

It is, however, Patty's emotive twang that frames the duo's sound, and whether she's crooning softly whispered beauties ("A Husband and a Wife Should Sleep Together,""When That Fever Takes a Hold On You") or going at songs full-tilt boogie ("Raising Hands Raising Hell Raise 'Em High"), the level of intimacy never wavers. Astounding.

We asked the twosome for a playlist of their favorite songs, and they happily obliged. They titled this playlist YOLO Sexy, so perhaps it's not surprising that Al Green, D'Angelo and Jeff Buckley are among the artists chosen. Or is it? Hit play and hear The Wind and the Wave bring sexy back.

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