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Celebrity Playlist: Sunny Sweeney

by Linda Ryan

Celebrity Playlist: Sunny Sweeney

About this playlist

A lot has changed for Sunny Sweeney between the release of her second album in 2011 and this year's Provoked. And much of it reads like the Remy Charlip children's book, What Good Luck! What Bad Luck!

What bad luck: Sweeney was dropped from her record label.
What good luck: She started a Kickstarter campaign, which helped her acquire the funds to record. And then she got signed by the artist-friendly label Thirty Tigers!

What bad luck: The singer's marriage fell apart.
What good luck: Sweeney found a new guy! And he has kids! She has always wanted kids.

Sunny Sweeney is a bona fide firecracker – a headstrong sh*t stirrer with a heart of gold — and much of Provoked reflects this. Just listen to "You Don't Know Your Husband" or the sassy, gospel-infused tour de force "Bad Girl Phase" for confirmation of this. And her introspective songs are equally frank in their looks inward. Candid. Disarming. Honest.

We asked the East Texas singer to make a playlist for us, and she agreed readily. Naturally. Of her playlist she says, "I chose these songs because when we are sitting on the porch, I want to hear some tunes that are relaxing, yet have meaningful lyrics. All these songs are so well written, and they showcase the artist's voices beautifully. They vary from older artists to current ones, yet they are all timeless. " Hit play and let Sunny Sweeney take you for a ride.

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