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Celebrity Playlist: SoMo

by Napster

Celebrity Playlist: SoMo

About this playlist

SoMo may be an '80s baby whose star is on the rise, but he's an old soul at heart. The Texas singer's new self-titled album is inspired by the golden age of contemporary R&B, and features songs that focus on love and relationships. The video for his double-entendre ballad "Ride" earned millions of YouTube views before he signed a deal with Republic Records. And SoMo doubles down on that '90s vibe with lush bedroom epics like "Back to the Start" and "Show Off."

On "SoMo's Throwback Bedroom Mixtape," the 26-year-old crooner offers a bevy of classic R&B recommendations and musical influences, from Ginuwine's "In Those Jeans" to Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing." "This is a playlist for the hopeless romantic with a dirty mind," he says. "These songs all serve to set the mood right and have definitely found themselves on many bedroom mixtapes. So, go ahead, press play and see where the night leads…"

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