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Celebrity Playlist: Lukas Graham

by Napster

Celebrity Playlist: Lukas Graham

About this playlist

Lukas Graham's rise to prominence started with a few homemade videos on YouTube and a self-financed demo. When the quartet released their debut in 2012, they earned two No. 1 singles and an also-ran -- if you call No. 2 an also-ran -- right out of the gate in their native Denmark. Their earnest blue-eyed soul spread quickly throughout Europe, culminating with a deal with Warner Bros.

Much has been made of their well-honed hooks, and the band pairs them with substantive lyrics that move the music well beyond boy meets girl, boy parties with girl, boy loses girl. Lukas Graham, the band's namesake, handles the lion's share of the songwriting and the singer definitely has some tell-all moments.

His playlist overflows with soulful grooves from the likes of Curtis Mayfield and Donny Hathaway and pop hooks from Adele and Stevie Wonder (both of whom know a thing or two about soul). Graham says "These artists have inspired us, either in poetry, track production, or melodies." Hit play and let Lukas Graham sock it to you.

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