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Celebrity Playlist: Charlie Puth

by Napster

Celebrity Playlist: Charlie Puth


About this playlist

Unless you caught his D.I.Y. stuff on YouTube years ago, chances are your first exposure to Charlie Puth came with his song, “Marvin Gaye,” on which Meghan Trainor joined him. (Perhaps you witnessed the grab-ass-and-make-out-session that spectacularly ended their performance on the AMAs.) The New Jersey-born Grammy Nominee is tried and true fan of music, regardless of its genre, as evidenced by the playlist he made -- it covers the entire spectrum of music genres and eras. He calls it his “Puthlist,” and why not? There’s so much going here -- Elvis, Radiohead, Shawn Mendes, Bobby Brown -- it seems the only word that could encompass it all. Hit play and enjoy some of Charlie Puth’s favorites.

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