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Celebrity Playlist: Beware of Darkness

by Dan Weiss

Celebrity Playlist: Beware of Darkness

About this playlist

“As a band, we all respect all different kinds of music, and we all come from different backgrounds. They might not seem cohesive genre-wise, but they are all grouped together by the fact that they are great songs. There is no genre. Only great songs.”

So says Beware of Darkness, the squelching punk/hard rock band, who begin their guest Napster playlist with Queens of the Stone Age (“Sick Sick Sick”)—almost too good a fit, considering BoD’s resemblance to the Arctic Monkeys’ Josh Homme-produced Humbug. But the similarities end there; this is a sneering rock band who sticks the Eagles’ “Desperado” and not one, but two, latter-day Michael Jackson ballads (“Earth Song,” “Man in the Mirror”) on a mixtape. Beware of randomness, once you enter their kaleidoscope of taste.

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