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Celebrity Playlist: Animal of the Muppets

by Linda Ryan

Celebrity Playlist: Animal of the Muppets

About this playlist

Few characters resonate with music-loving misfits quite like Animal does. (Kermit? What a hippie! Miss Piggy? No divas, please.) With his long, scraggly red hair, unintelligible ranting and general bad boy attitude, Animal is the one we love. So with the release of Muppets Most Wanted just around the corner, our friends at Disney were kind enough to get us this rockin' playlist from the legendary Electric Mayhem Band drummer. Of his playlist, Animal says, "Good songs! Lots of drums! Play music!" Mayhem bassist Floyd Pepper adds, "Like the man says, these songs are the pinnacle of percussion perfection, so give 'em a listen … and rock out!" With classics from the likes of Queen, Rush and The Black Keys, it's unlikely you'll need any more help rocking out. Thanks, Animal!

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