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Celebrity Playlist: American Authors

Celebrity Playlist: American Authors

About this playlist

American Authors are on a roll: a hit single ("Best Day of My Life"), a highly anticipated debut album (Oh, What a Life) and now a Napster celebrity playlist. When we asked the Brooklyn-via-Boston crew to create a playlist for us, little did we know that their collective tastes were so damn eclectic. We're talking real deal, post-everything plurality, folks. In the span of 20 tracks, American Authors manage to touch on everything from Rage Against the Machine's bone-crushing "Bulls On Parade" to R. Kelly's ridiculously delicious "Legs Shakin'" to Chicago's jazz rock staple "25 or 6 to 4." And then there's the stretch toward the end of the playlist that includes both Soundgarden's alt metal classic "Spoonman" and Cherub's club-tastic "Hold Me." Then again, this eclecticism makes total sense when one begins to ponder the sheer number of genres the band's own music encompasses. Not unlike the similarly minded Imagine Dragons, American Authors are an aspiring lot who marry rousing folk pop sing-alongs to R&B grooves, indie electronica and scrappy guitar rock. If you dig music with widescreen ambition, then you best check out American Authors and their excellent celebrity playlist!

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