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Celebrity Holiday Picks: Ryan Beatty

by Nick Murray

Celebrity Holiday Picks: Ryan Beatty

About this playlist

How many people do you think have reminded Ryan Beatty that Justin Bieber also got his start on YouTube? Of course, Beatty, an 18-year-old from Clovis, Calif. (Fresno County, if that means anything to you), sort of invites the comparison: In addition to rising to teenage prominence under sweeping blonde hair, Beatty's video for a cover of "U Smile" has racked up millions of views.

Taking a break from work on his forthcoming self-titled debut full-length, Beatty took some time to make us a playlist of 15 of his favorite Christmas tunes. Judging from this list, he seems well beyond his 18 years: 13 of his picks happened to have come out before he was born (the Celine Dion and Eagles selections remind him of riding in his dad's car, he tells us) and a few more -- selections from Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin -- probably came out before his parents were born. Click play to enjoy this great festive mix!