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Canadian Punk 101

by Evan Lucy

Canadian Punk 101

About this playlist

It might not get the attention of its southern counterparts, but the Canadian punk rock scene was -- and still is -- one rich with passion and power. Major cities like Vancouver and Toronto led the charge in the late 1970s and early 1980s, as the influence of groups like The Ramones, The Sex Pistols and The Clash began to infiltrate the Great White North and inspired bands like DOA and The Viletones. In true punk fashion, there were acts of protest too; look no further than the Rock Against Radiation concert that overtook Toronto's Nathan Phillips Square in 1980. This concert and others were proof that Canadian punk bands weren't just mimicking their British and American peers; they were fighting back, most notably as fears of the Cold War's effects on Canada began to bubble.

But, like everything in the punk scene, its definition has changed over the years. As the calendar clicked into the new millennium, modern bands like Sum 41, Comeback Kid and Alexisonfire would carry the Canadian punk flag with varying degrees of mainstream success. These days, acclaimed underground groups including Metz and Living with Lions continue to prove that Canada is more than just Nickelback and Justin Bieber. So grab some Timbits, fire up this playlist and start a pit or two, eh?

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