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California Dreamin'

by Stephanie Benson

California Dreamin'


About this playlist

California is perhaps the most sung about locale in the world. And it's no surprise, really, because it's a land full of contradictions -- a place swarming with dreamers and conservatives, adventure-seekers and traditionalists, revolutionaries and revivalists, Valley girls and OC housewives, surfer dudes and tech billionaires, hippies and yuppies. From the Redwood Forest to the Pacific waters, Yosemite to the Lost Coast, Death Valley to Tahoe, its geological wonders alone offer a vast playground of awe and inspiration, but also keep us constantly on our earthquake-ready toes. Its cities, meanwhile, are hotbeds of creativity and innovation, but certainly not without their crime and corruption.

This mixtape is dedicated to the freaks and geeks that have helped make the great Golden State the modern-day Wild Wild West. And in the true California spirit, it's a melting pot full of disparate ingredients, from classic rock to punk to rap to folk to indie rock, from seething statements to loving odes, from The Beach Boys to Best Coast to 2Pac to The Mamas & the Papas to Tom Petty to Pavement.

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