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Producer Spotlight

Butch Walker's Greatest Hits

by Evan Lucy

Butch Walker's Greatest Hits

About this playlist

Even if you don't recognize his name, odds are you've heard a song Butch Walker has touched in some way. Dubbed "Producer of the Year" by Rolling Stone in 2005, Walker is indeed one of pop and rock's most sought-after names. But before he was an A-list producer, Walker scored a minor radio hit in the late '90s as frontman of power-pop trio Marvelous 3 ("Freak of the Weak"), and later launched a career as a solo artist, playing everything from glammy '70s rock to stripped-down folky Americana along the way.

Currently, he splits his time between cultivating his cult following with material released under his own name and overseeing albums and songs for the likes of Taylor Swift, P!nk, Avril Lavigne, Fall Out Boy and more. (He's also an accomplished author: Check out his book Drinking With Strangers for an inside look at both his past and the music business, including the time he almost punched out Dr. Luke for allegedly stealing his song and transforming it into Lavigne's hit "Girlfriend.") Whether you're already a fan of Walker or just hearing about the multitalented musician now, this playlist is a great primer to his work, comprising both choice tracks from his own catalog and songs he's had a hand in producing or writing for other artists.

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