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Bruce Springsteen: World's Greatest Boss

Bruce Springsteen: World's Greatest Boss

by Napster  |  March 7, 2012

Bruce Springsteen: World's Greatest Boss

A struggling economy ... a contentious election year ... a fragile country more ideologically divided than ever ... man, we really needed a new Bruce Springsteen album right about now. Something grandiose and bombastic, mixing triumph and desperation, joy and indignation, something that fights hard and parties harder, with all the arena-rock subtlety of, yes, a wrecking ball.

And so, to celebrate The Boss' gripping new album, we offer here an in-depth look at Wrecking Ball, a deep dive into his prodigious back catalog, a gritty exploration of his darker side, a tribute to dearly departed sax man Clarence Clemons, and more. Vote with your ears, and enjoy yourselves.