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Breakout Movie Soundtrack Hits

by Rachel Devitt

Breakout Movie Soundtrack Hits

About this playlist

Anna Kendrick's little ditty "Cups," the a cappella bit of vocals and improvised percussion her character used to audition for the glee club in the aca-awesome sleeper hit Pitch Perfect, has been one of pop music's biggest surprises in recent years. The song (a cover of a Lulu and the Lampshades folk rendition) creeped its way onto the pop charts and just stayed there, gradually climbing up to No. 10 (its peak so far). It's been a fascinating journey for a cute little movie soundtrack song, but "Cups" isn't alone. We put together a whole playlist of iconic, chart-busting pop songs that got their start (or at least, got a real boost) on a movie soundtrack, from Simple Minds' feature in The Breakfast Club to Simon & Garfunkel's soundtrack for The Graduate, from The Civil Wars' breakout Hunger Games duet with Taylor Swift to "A Little Party Never Killed Nobody" off the Jay-Z-curated Great Gatsby soundtrack.

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