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Pop's Most Blasphemous Moments

by Rachel Devitt

Pop's Most Blasphemous Moments

About this playlist

Pop music and blasphemy go together like, well, sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. Since the dawn of time (or at least since the dawn of metal), pop stars have gotten their rocks off trying to piss off the Big Guy and his followers. Sometimes it's political (think Sinéad on SNL), sometimes it's metaphorical (think R.E.M.), sometimes it's jokey, and sometimes it might actually just be in vain, or at least in the name of vanity (hi, Madonna). But it's always deliciously scandalous.

Taking a page from her spiritual mother (one guess), Lady Gaga has recently jumped on the blasphemy bandwagon. First, she swallowed a rosary bead in "Alejandro"; now, her second album, Born This Way, is positively dripping with potential sacrilege, from the church organs swelling behind all those sweaty, debauched dance beats to the good Lady's pledge to wash Judas' feet with her hair. In honor of such heresy, we've placed Gaga among her fellow heathens on this shock-and-awe-packed playlist.