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Artist Spotlight

Black Sabbath 13's Galaxy

by Chuck Eddy

Black Sabbath 13's Galaxy

About this playlist

Black Sabbath, in case you've been vacationing on Planet Caravan, have a new album called 13 out -- with Ozzy Osbourne singing, no less, something that hasn't happened studio-wise since 1978's Never Say Die! or at all since 1998's live Reunion. Of course, since Bill Ward isn't drumming due to money squabbles (they hired studio skinsman Brad Wilk instead), you'd be entirely within your rights to argue it's not a "real" Sabbath album. But then again, you could also say that about nearly every Sabbath album ever made, right?

Be that as it may, it's about time we tabulated where all the people who play on 13 have been all these years -- just in case they might have picked up something contagious! Hence, this playlist, which starts with a track off the new album and one off that last live album Ozzy sang on; then goes into something off a live '90s Ozzy album with Tony Iommi guitaring and Geezer Butler bassing on it; then takes in a couple tracks from Heaven and Hell, Butler and Iommi's band from a few years ago with some other fellows; then two each off solo albums that Butler and Iommi made (the latter with Ozzy singing once); and then gets weird.

But not that weird. Songs from rockin' lady bands Drain STH and Girlschool both feature Iommi; songs from rockin' non-lady bands Quartz, Black Label Society and Motörhead all feature Ozzy. Audioslave and Rage Against the Machine are both included since Brad Wilk was a member, as is a Josh Homme cut he drummed on. And finally, more Ozzy, including one cut each with Wu-Tang Clan and Was (Not Was) (!!??), then finally with Geezer again on 1995's Ozzmosis. But hey, at least we left off his infamous Miss Piggy duet!

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